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VA Funding Fee

Determine your VA funding fee based on your National Guard, Reserve or active duty service.

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The Veterans Administration requires that the VA funding fee be paid on all VA home loans. The fee is used by the VA to guarantee your loan for the lender. In the event of a default, a short sale or foreclosure of your home, the VA will pay the lender a portion of the loan amount borrowed by you.

All members of the National Guard, Reserves and veterans who meet VA loan eligibility guidelines pay a funding fee. The amount paid varies based on your qualifying service, if you have used your VA entitlement before and what type of VA refinance loan.

VA Funding Fee Chart

The Veterans Administration has created an easy-to-use VA funding fee chart for members of the National Guard, Reserves and active duty veterans.

National Guard/ReservesActive Duty
First-time Use – Purchase (0% down) or Cash out Refinance2.40%2.15%
Subsequent Use – Purchase or Cash out Refinance3.30%3.30%
5% Down payment – Purchase1.75%1.50%
10% Down payment – Purchase1.50%1.25%
Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL)0.50%0.50%

The funding fee may be financed into the loan amount, even over and above the appraised value of the home on a home purchase or refinance. You may qualify for a lower funding fee if you have a down payment when purchasing a home.

Prior Active Duty Service-members

If you currently serve in the National Guard or Reserves and have previously served on active duty, you may be eligible to pay the VA funding fee based on your active duty service. To see if you qualify based on your active service, please visit our VA Eligibility page for more details or allow us to help you obtain a copy of your VA Certificate of Eligibility.

Disabled Veterans

Veterans who have received a VA disability rating are eligible for a VA funding fee exemption or waiver. The VA funding fee exemption applies to all National Guard, Reserve and veterans who have a 10% or more disability rating. A veteran’s disability status and VA funding fee exemption or waiver is verified on their VA Certificate of Eligibility.

VA Certificate of Eligibility - VA Funding Fee Exemption

A Certificate of Eligibility showing a veteran’s VA funding fee exemption. Click the image for a larger view.

For separated or separating veterans who are awaiting a decision by the Veteran’s Administration for a disability rating will be required to pay a funding fee based on their service eligibility. Once you receive a disability rating from the VA, your VA funding fee may be refunded to your lender if you meet VA funding fee refund eligibility requirements.

 Surviving Spouse

The surviving spouse of a service member who died as the result of a service-connected disability, is eligible for a VA funding fee waiver. If your spouse was killed while in service or is a prisoner of war, you are also eligible for a VA funding fee exemption.  A surviving spouse must have had the deceased spouse’s VA entitlement and benefits transferred into their name.


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