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VA Refinance Loans

National Guard members, Reservists and active duty veterans have several VA refinance options to choose from. Find the best VA refinance loan that meets your needs.

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National Guard members and veterans have several options when it comes to a VA refinance loans. Depending on your individual circumstances, one National Guard VA refinance option is better suited than another.

The Veterans Administration classifies VA refinance loans into two different categories; the first is a VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL) or more often known as the VA streamline and the second is a cash out refinance.

VA Refinance Loan Options

Below is a list of available VA refinance loan options available to National Guard members and veterans. Click the image or name of the refinance type to learn more.

VA Streamline IRRRL

VA Streamline IRRRL

Refinance an existing VA home loan to lower your interest rate, reduce your loan term and more with a VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL).
VA Cash Out Refinance Loan

VA Cash Out Refinance Loan

Use your VA home loan eligibility to refinance an existing home loan to eliminate mortgage insurance, lower your interest rate or use your home's equity for cash with a VA cash out refinance loan.
VA Debt Consolidation Loan

VA Debt Consolidation Loan

Use up to 100% of the equity in your home to consolidate debts into one monthly payment with a VA debt consolidation loan.


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